Nic H.
My original go to I was unavailable and their choice was charging me $25 per person then four days before the event they wanted to charge me $700 to feed 18 people. I then began scrambling and reached out to this company, and for 18 folks, I ordered 65 tacos in steak and chicken, and cheese, steak and chicken quesadilla and a pan of beans and a pan of rice and oh my goodness so many sides it was amazing. I even Amazoned chafing dishes with burners at the bottom to them to them!! They gave me plates forks gloves additional containers and everything...They were so accommodating so professional it was insane not to mention the veggie option was grilled onions and bell peppers and it was sooooooooo good!!!!! This food was absolutely amazing and it was incredibly affordable!!! I will forever be a customer of theirs I am incredibly impressed with the prices and the flavor because my favorite thing was the rice. Absolutely incredible!! We all got to take home to-go plates and my fiancé looooves it too... Customer f o r e v e r
Justin C.
Always love coming to the mission , my food expectations and needs when it comes to Mexican cuisine are always met here . Today i tried out Alfaro's and it was the best decision that I've made today . I ordered the lengua torta with a nice cold sprite for $11 . This is a deal when it come to eating in the city. The buns were nicely toasted which gave the sandwich a nice buttery crunch which complimented the mild sauce smothered tomatoes. Definitely a go to staple now when i return
David B.
Love SF! You can walk by a random Taco truck and get some solid tacos. Alfaro slings well sized tacos with some good heat in their sauce. I might skip the carne asado next time and only get the pollo and Carnitas
Richard V.
I've only had the burritos. 5 stars for sure. Stumbled on this taco truck one day at the corner of 14th and Valencia and they've had my lunch money for a couple weeks now. It's all good, quality food. The burritos are not GIANT, wherein they end up so packed with rice/bean filler that the taste of the meat is lost. The burrito size is 'just right', and you're reading the words of a guy with a bottomless pit type of appetite. Another thing that sets them apart is that the tortillas are grilled when the burrito is prepared-not put in one of those press machines. The difference, which I'd never even thought about before, is amazing.
Auza A.
Definitely a good, honest taco. White corn tortilla, perfectly grilled, not too much filling so it is perfect for eating on the go, and quite tasty salsa verde. I tried the asada and carnitas - both very good, though I prefer my carnitas a little crispier than they do. Still though, very good, and everything very fresh. Thank god it is not bland like many taco trucks, and thank god it is not super greasy. Good deal.
Maritza C.
Found this truck by accident. It's a longer. Usually sitting in the middle of the block on Valencia between 14th and 15th. 2 tacos for $5 what a deal! They're good too.
Gabriela W.
Get their tacos, veggie it up. Rice, beans, tomato, pour on their yummy salsa. Gitit. You get chips with your order, the guac is good. Celebrate that. It's a rarity. I've had the veggie torta as well, but their tacos are where it's at.